• Exceptional Legal Representation

  • Serving the Best Interests of our Clients

  • The Best Experience Possible in Uncertain Times

We are not afraid to take the difficult case

Rommel and Associates, LLC, was founded with the purpose of providing clients exceptional legal representation, and to create a better and more personal experience dealing with lawyers, the court system, and their case.

We are not afraid to take the difficult or unpopular case. Many of our most successful cases are ones which were initially rejected by other attorneys. We take pride in this statistic.

We started this firm with the goal of serving the best interests of our clients, so that they have the best experience possible in what may be difficult and uncertain times. This goal will not change.

Recent News

Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace
  • November 27, 2018

From Delmarva Now – The Salisbury Police Department is mourning the loss of an officer who died unexpectedly while off duty, according to a Tuesday social media post from the agency. Read More

District Elections
District Elections
  • October 30, 2018

From Delmarva Now – Delaware election: Meet the candidates for House of Representatives, District 14

How hard works pays off
How hard works pays off
  • August 20, 2018

As Rommel and Associates nears its 3-year Anniversary, Mr. Rommel recently took a vacation.  Here he is in Split, Croatia, where he met the local locksmith.  The locksmith is 102 years old and is the only person who knows how…