Wicomico County Loan Agreements Help Save Shorelines on Local Beaches

Originally posted in WBOC


WICOMICO COUNTY, Md.- Two Wicomico County beaches will have restored shorelines after the county received around $300,000 in interest-free loan agreements with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

The beaches located on Cove Road and Roaring Point are local, well-kept secrets, but need help to stay accessible.

“They’re not well-known beaches, obviously they’re not Ocean City or anything like that, but they’re small beaches.  Roaring Point is one that’s grown to be very popular with county residents,” Director of Wicomico County Recreation, Parks and Tourism Steve Miller said.

Marinda Bree and her children live within walking distance of “The Cove.”  She says they frequent the beach year-round and enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

“We’d like it protected, we’d like it to be here for a few years,” Bree said. “Have a place where the kids grow up and come home and be like ‘hey, this is where I went when I was a kid.'”

Bree says she was excited to learn about the restoration project.

“It’s nice to preserve little areas like that, you know, everything doesn’t have to be like…I don’t know, sometimes I think little ones are overlooked,” Bree said.

Miller says Roaring Point is possibly one bad storm away from losing access.

“We feel like if we don’t do anything, eventually we’re going to lose those beaches and lose access.  So we’re excited about that opportunity to preserve them and to provide access for people for many years from now,” Miller said.

Bhaskaran Subramanian, Chief of Shoreline Conservation Service for Maryland DNR says both beaches will have different versions of headland breakwater systems installed.  Each system will be slightly different, but similar to those we’ve seen on Delmarva at Rhoads Point on Smith Island and Spaniard Point in Queen Anne’s County.

Miller says the interest-free loan agreements will be paid off by the county over the next 15 years.  He estimates these restoration projects could be completed as early as summer of 2019 in Wicomico County.