WMDT: City of Salisbury facing federal lawsuit

WMDT: City of Salisbury facing federal lawsuit

  • March 2, 2017
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Originally Published in WMDT

SALISBURY, Md. – The city of Salisbury is now facing a lawsuit in federal court for allegations of police brutality.

Robert Dashiell was stopped in October 2014 for a traffic stop. During a search of Dashiell’s car both he and the officer disappear off screen of a dash cam video.That’s when Dashiell receives a blow to the head.

Both sides acknowledge a punch was thrown, but Dashiell’s attorney Luke Rommel, said the force used was unnecessary.

Police reports show Officer Jonathan Oliver noted Dashiell was noticeably intoxicated and that police found a pipe with crack cocaine in his car.

According to Dashiell he was “sucker punched.”

Oliver has a different account. In his police report “once Dashiell pushed me back, I struck him one time in the face . . . To avoid him being able to strike me first.”

Dashiell and his attorney still believe the punch showed excessive force.

In Dashiell’s criminal case he was convicted on DUI and drug possession charges, but acquitted of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

Because of that, Rommel believes they have a chance in federal court.

Salisbury officials acknowledged they have received the lawsuit, however they are declining to comment on pending litigation.

According to Rommel, Salisbury has until mid-September to respond to the complaint. At that point a federal court will then set a date for both parties to appear before a judge.